My Poems

In the Farthest,Somewhere

You know, sometimes the wind also whistles.
And a dry leaf falls down just after it.
Time stops over there.
Takes you away somewhere so far.

On a cold day, like your heart,
Drizzle rain hits on your window as well,
Struggling of each of the raindrops,
Takes you away somewhere  far.

Suddenly, a shabby stone coffee house appears on the way of yours.
Without thinking even for a moment,
Without any reasons,
You find yourself in there.

Abruptly, a very experienced wood stove standing in the middle, greets you.
With the pleasant scent of wood ,
welcomes your cold heart as if it wanted to warm it.
When you sit beside it, gets to rejoice more and more.
And when it is at the most delighted moment,
Sizzling , starts to tell about its story of the past , present and so on.
And offers you fresh dark tea.
Again takes you away somewhere  far.

Your eyes hidden behind your wet eyelashes,
Becomes an interpreter of your cold heart.
The warm chat with your warm friend.
While thinking how good it’s been.
In fact,without noticing,
Again and again takes you away somewhere  far.

As thinking of time in your mind, the time.
Covers up even the deep wounds, too.
When you notice that,
Neither the time is the same
Nor the hearts are.
Even for a second ,you go on looking for without feeling tired and bored.
‘cos surely you know ;
Your cold heart which was left somewhere.
Waits , waits …
and yearns so much.
In each piece of lifetime,
the experiences which had been lived,
In the farthest, somewhere.

Aynur Ateş Aydın 2019

My Poems, Şiir

Welcome To My Heart

Sometimes a dark red velvet curtain of your heart is closed down.
The sensitive heart wants to stay alone suddenly.
Without hearing anything related to the world turning around you,
Just dream of living in a peacful and quiet privacy,
surrounded with tall green plane trees.
And also dream of blooming flowers in multifarious colors in your heart.
Want to smell them without touching.
Want to watch them while smelling their unique and marvellous flavor
‘cause of being afraid of giving injury to any of them by accidently.

Weeks,months and years go by too fast.
For the little heart it is really so hard to catch
or not to miss the life.
the life is going on in a meaningless hurry and mess.

The more you feel tired the less you feel happy.
The more you devote yourself the more your heart is broken .
The more you care about the people the more you are disappointed .

By the way ,the time never and ever minds you.
Runs so fast,
It does not stop to take a breath ,
Even just for a second.
Although you know the reality,
You beg and start to wait.
Without making anyone disturbed,
The heart lives everything heartfelt inside.
In fact ,somewhere unknown
and somewhere deep-felt .

Any more, for the thick,heavy red velvet curtain,
It is too hard to stand and carry all the sorrows,disappointments and heartbreaks so long.
Time to let the sunshine in.
Suddenly, the tiny but the brightest light appears through the window of the heart,
And leaks through slowly and quietly.

Feels something different
After all these.
The little heart gets so excited
‘Cause the butterflies open their wings and start to fly again in your heart
The sunshine greets your heart without hesitation
and laughs happily.

Hopes of the heart are not alone any more.
From now on the heart knows very well,
Hopes are colorful and joyful ,
And wings of blue, pink, yellow, and red and purple
Are always free to fly .
Before you needed to believe to realize the hopes of the future
And now,the little heart ,
you are sure that,
Future of your own is free and colorful ,
full of any kind of dreams of your own are waiting for you ,
Yes, impatiently and excitedly waiting for you ,
To cry out happily
Make all your dreams come true!
And every morning do not forget to say;
Just dream!
Just believe!
Just trust yourself!
And then,
Let the sunshine in your heart
again and again
Let all the colors come in your heart
And say;
Hello life!
Welcome to my heart!
Welcome again…

Aynur Ateş Aydın 2019

My Poems, Şiir

Your Only Life

Here is the Sun.
There is the Moon.
They are the twins of the sky zone.
And the stars of the shining Moon
Are the children of the King of the black night ,the Moon.
Always twinkle from the summit of the endless heart of the universe .
Romanticism is the theme of the Moon
Rebirth is the philosophy of the Sun.
Hope is the symbol of the stars.

Stars are ready to realize the wishes of the human.
While blinking from the darkest corners in the sky.
Keeping fingers crossed is the message given by the stars.

Getting much more bright;
‘cause of feeling the happiness of the human beings from the deepness of their hearts.

Although too many kilometres between these two lovers, human beings and the stars ,
These romantic feelings are neither the beginning nor the end of the wishes of the hope during the life.

Now keep your fingers crossed.
Wherever you are right now.
Not important whether there is the Sun , the Moon or the Stars.
Feel the sense in the deepness of your hearts,
And never give up!
Never feel hopeless!
‘Cause the Sun is always over there
When the night comes.
The Moon is always over there
When the day comes.
And the stars are always there.
Without caring the daylight and black clouds at night.

So , listen to your heart,
And live your life without cancelling
or postponing anything you want.
This is the only life given to you,
As a unique and invaluable gift in the endless universe.
Not everlastingly will go on.
One day will be the end.
So ,start doing what you want to do here and now.
And always keep it in your mind.
This is your first and the last chance.
Do not cancel anything in your life!
Do not postpone anything in your life!
Do not mind anything in your life!
‘Cause the end is the end.
God knows…
When and where?
And also with whom or alone or how?
No responses of these questions.

Maybe waiting for you just right now,
next to the chair standing on the corner of the first turning on your way of your house.

While looking at the Sun or the Moon or the Stars of the life.
Do not forget !
And do remember!
This is your only life…

Aynur Ateş Aydın 2019